Wear this Sustainable Spin on Ocean Plastic

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If you are searching for a sustainable way to upgrade your jewelry this summer, Egyptian concept jewelry brand Sandbox by Suhayla Al Sheikh is introducing a collection “Salt” inspired by the ocean and environmentally-friendly solutions to incorporate and transform waste from its waters. The brand first made waves when it featured the novel campaign supporting marginalized skin types. Its latest collection is made with hand-molded silver shells and crushed natural stones that appear to float in water, which is in fact clear plastic recycled in the heart of Cairo. “I’m not going to say that I’m a huge environmentalist or activist, however I am someone who’s always cared about simple actions that help protect our environment, particularly its oceans” says Al Sheikh. She adds that the idea has been in progress for two years, exploring different methods to make a rich fusion of fine materials and plastic work. 

Sandbox collaborated with local brand Up-Fuse to create the packaging made from recycled plastic. Up-Fuse is currently Egypt’s most sustainable label, recycling plastics into bags and more. Each box is up-cycled from five-to-seven plastic bags and has helped provide four women with stable incomes.




Al Sheikh recently traveled to India and was inspired by the efforts the nation is putting into sustainable solutions. She offers sustainable travel tips like disposing properly of garbage encountered when walking, especially from shores, throwing cigarette buds in trash cans not on beaches, purchasing and carrying a reusable metal straw for fresh drinks to avoid using plastic, carrying a reusable bottle, increasing organic food intake, and shopping with fabric bags. “To maximize efforts, as explained in a booklet we’re providing with all Sandbox purchases this summer, we can also donate to the largest ocean cleanup, exchange or donate our recyclables to recycling companies, or join local cleaning events.”

Photography: Alyaa Rady
Model: Sherouk Farid, UNN Model Management Art Direction/Styling: Ahmed Sorour
MUA: Chanel Arif
Retouching: Suhayla Al Sheikh