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Deriving from both Arab and African cultures, Bedouin women are masterpieces that have ruled our deserts for centuries. On these boundless and free lands, they birthed their own beauty, power, courage, endurance, originality and limitless creation, all of which are expressed through their jewels & attire, and documented through their facial tattoos.

Bedouins believe in community and believe that in order to survive, they must care for the environment that hosts them. Although they may belong to the endless desert, their constant movement bounds them to no ground. They belong to the winds.


A few years back, we journeyed to an arid desert with no life, to connect with our Arab ancestors. Here was where they powerfully endured the world's toughest grounds, creating life and magic from the wilderness of their imagination. As soon as we set foot on these lands, their spirits went streaming through our bodies, and these arid lands became the fertile grounds to our own stories and creations. So we cultivated them with colorful worlds from our boundless imagination, connecting our past, to the cosmopolitan experiences of our present.

Now, this space is yours too. We look forward to inspiring one-another, growing together, and engaging with you in a dialogue merging the playful worlds of Art, Design, and Story-telling.