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Modern Handmade Jewelry Meets Conceptual Art

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  • A Commitment to Quality and Craftsmanship
    A Commitment to Quality and Craftsmanship

    Our designs are handmade by some of Egypt's most talented silver artisans. In implementing our designs at Sandbox, we use 925 sterling silver, 14 kt and 18 kt Gold, and semi-precious stones to ensure jewelry at the highest quality for our customers. We bring forth clean-cut handmade shapes that abide to our vision, along with meticulous finishes, to safeguard a high-end and impeccable outcome.

  • A Commitment to Customer
    A Commitment to Customer

    At Sandbox, we value each and every person that joins our journey. We aim to constantly offer the best experience customers can have with us, by offering a two-way smooth flow of communication, high quality products, and solutions to all concerns. Whether it be positive, critical or advice for the future, we greatly value your feedback! Our customer is our number one priority.

  • A Commitment to Humanity
    A Commitment to Humanity

    Our behind-the-scenes implications do not by any means incorporate child labor or any form of animal abuse. An important part of our vision that will continue to grow as our brand continues to develop is helping those in need. Whether it be providing jobs to members of our society, offering a percentage of our profits to the less privileged, or working on humanitarian campaigns, our hidden wider vision behind Sandbox revolves around a humanitarian cause.