As the brain child of two bold sisters inspired by both their Arab roots and Cosmopolitan upbringing, Sandbox is a Cairo-based jewelry brand that understands the contemporary woman’s need to feel both rooted and independent.

At Sandbox, concepts are translated into artistic non-conforming jewelry designs, that elicit Native Quirk aesthetics. Free of rules, our creations could be worn in many ways, encouraging you to explore your authentic and versatile self. Each piece is both a celebration of local craftsmanship and a connection to the world, cast to life by the hands of talented Egyptian artisans by globally-sourced materials. Crafted from quality materials such as Sterling Silver, 18KT Gold, and natural stones, Sandbox creations bridge the gap between playful experimentation and timeless quality through zero-waste practices, sustainable materials and social consciousness.

Whether it be the brand’s signature stone-crushing technique, its granulated silver-soldering process, or its staple BEE design - to mention a few - Sandbox encourages self discovery through experimental techniques, power-evoking shapes, and textures.

With a dedication to continuous growth and an inclusive experience, Sandbox is to expand into lines of new products in the near future. The brand has begun introducing Jewelry Care Designs, intended to grow into a fully scoped line to help women elongate and care for their jewels, on-the-go and at home.