Awakened within Middle Eastern deserts by a magical path of exploration, Sandbox is a conceptual and sustainable jewelry brand that seeks inspiration from eccentric human experiences, the voices of nature and more.

At Sandbox, jewelry is not a lifeless piece of metal and stone. It’s living and it’s breathing. It’s responsible and it’s meaningful. Its an adventurous story waiting to be told. It’s an intimate art, merging with the human form, twisting and turning to embody each curve and trait. It’s a timeless creation, crafted to transcend, to flow and to adapt to the cultures of changing generations.

Handcrafted from Sterling Silver, a spectrum of natural stones and 18kt Gold, our jewelry is quality-attentive and cast to life by the hands of talented Egyptian artisans, celebrating and sustaining the meticulousness, the patience and the individuality of craftsmanship.

With each Sandbox creation, we empower women to express their colorful personalities and to explore all which is tangible and intangible through a balance of playfully experimental, artistically cool, powerful and sustainable jewelry and more.



Deriving from both Arab and African cultures, Bedouin women are living masterpieces that have ruled our deserts for centuries. On these boundless and free lands, they birthed their own beauty, power, courage, endurance, originality and limitless creation, all of which are expressed through their jewels & attire, and documented through their facial tattoos.

Bedouins believe in community and believe that in order to survive, they must care for the environment and the creatures that surround them and home them wherever they may be.
As survivors of the most arid and ruthless lands, bedouins symbolize strength and power. Although they may belong to the endless desert, their constant movement bounds them to no ground. They belong to the winds.

At SANDBOX, we’ve chosen to believe that our energy for creative expression, has been sent to us by our Bedouin ancestors to continue on their path of exploration, and to awaken a fueling eccentricity that can’t be tamed, through artistic creations rooted in powerful designs and fluidly changing concepts.