Suhayla Al Sheikh is an Egyptian jewelry designer and visual artist born in Egypt and raised in Saudi Arabia. Having been raised by a mother who is a jewelry designer with a passion for creating up-cycled art, and a father with a passion for photography and an appreciation for good music, Suhayla grew up immersed in the arts with fertile grounds to nourish her artistic vision.

When she was 18, her highly technical paintings won her an artistic achievement award signed by President Barack Obama. While presenting her with the award, her mentor referred to her as “The World’s Next Picasso”, encouraging her to drop all future plans of becoming an architect to study Visual Arts and Communications at the American University in Cairo.

After being exposed to conceptual art and falling in love with its free experimental nature, its ability to draw from different fields and mediums, and its power to narrate meaningful stories, Suhayla decided to manifest the liberating nature of conceptual art, uniting all her passions. In 2016 she founded SANDBOX - the name being inspired by her Arab/African roots - presenting creations that fuse her love and appreciation for timeless jewelry, art, sustainable creation, nature, untapped human potential, and philanthropy.

Through SANDBOX, Suhayla aims to paint a powerful and welcoming empire where jewelry empowers, liberates, protects and inspires.