Having been raised by a mother who is a jewelry designer with a passion for creating up-cycled art, and a father passionate about photography, good music and traveling, Nada and Suhayla Al Sheikh grew up immersed in the arts and exposed to the colors of the world.

At the age of 17, Suhayla’s highly technical paintings were recognized by the American Consulate in Saudi Arabia. A year later, she was awarded an artistic achievement award signed by President Barack Obama. Dropping all future plans of becoming an architect, she went on to study Visual Arts and Communications.

After falling in love with conceptual art, Suhayla manifested its liberating nature and founded SANDBOX in 2016, fusing together her appreciation for jewelry, art, nature, untapped human potential, and philanthropy. Today, Suhayla is also an accomplished photographer, working with some of Egypt’s top names in Jewelry.

Being highly experimental with fashion from a young age, Nada constantly and unintentionally challenged the status quo. From using a single earring to fill several piercings - before it ever became a trend, to creating a double nose-pierce, to designing her own clothes from curtain cloth, and to reworking necklaces into anklets, the list is endless!

After studying Graphic Design and Marketing, Nada went on to become a reputable graphic designer for her visionary perspective, earning her opportunities to work with over 130 clients across the globe. In 2022, Nada united her love for fashion, design, travel and jewelry by joining her sister as a partner and co-designer at Sandbox.