Sandbox’s New Collection is a Celebration of Ramadan and Sisterhood

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“Ramadan is all about clarity and rebirth”


Sandbox is a conceptual jewellery brand that was founded in Egypt in 2016 by visual artist Suhayla Al Sheikh. The jewellery is crafted from Al Sheikhs intricate drawings, which her silver artisans then craft by hand. These experimental designs lend themselves to a range of products from rings to earrings and bracelets, with a sophistication we (and your mother) would love.

At Sandbox Jewellery, Ramadan is all about clarity and rebirth”, says the brand’s founder Al Skeikh in a statement about their new collection, ‘Below Arid Lands’, a specially crafted and curated Ramadan collection that’s been created to represent the month of Ramadan” with clear, sparkling and refreshing gems, the collection touches on the spirituality of Ramadan with the stones.

Set in the heart of the Sahara, the campaign’s models evoke sisterhood with a mystical air. Sand runs free in a desert, you cant rule it or constrain it. It might be small and there might be billions and billions of it in a desert, but a single sand specks journey is not the same as its sisters journey she adds. The collection is a curation of chic statement pieces, where the designs draw as much attention to themselves as their wearer. Every piece from the collection is unique, just like the women who wear them.
Much like the story of Cinderella, the very nature of the jewels are transformative, and can only enhance the beauty of their wearer. This intersects with the transformative effect of Ramadan, as the month wears on so does the spiritual journey of the participant.

At Sandbox, the relationship between the products and their wearers is personal. Apart from being carefully handcrafted in Egypt, the brand regularly collaborates with charities such as The Egyptian Autistic Society and the Ahl Masr Foundation for serious burns. Beyond their Ramadan collection, the brand teaches us the very compassion that is practiced during Ramadan, values which they hope to inspire their customers.

The collection is available at Sandbox