Silver tarnish is inevitable, and will eventually happen over few or many years - depending on various factors.

At Sandbox we solely work with and offer 925 sterling silver. However, generically speaking, customers must avoid silver pieces that are below the 925 sterling silver quality mark. 925 silver translates to 92.5% of the piece being silver, and the other 7.5% of the mixture being copper/brass.

Exposing silver pieces to water will NOT affect the silver.



Tarnish causes:

1. High humidity
2. Air Pollution
3. Silver pieces having constant exposure to air without being worn; silver reacts to the sulfur in the air. This occurs slowly, and is more prone to happening if the silver piece is not worn regularly.
4. Chemicals found in products such as hairspray, perfumes, deodorant, bleach. Tarnish here develops as a chemical reaction.

5. High levels of salt in the body


Tarnish preventions:

1. Constantly wear the silver piece. Creating constant direct contact with the skin leaves little room for the development of tarnish. This constitutes to whether your silver piece last 2 years or 20 years before tarnishing. Frequently handling it, significantly lessens from tarnish development.

Disclaimer: This prevention measure does not apply to those who have high levels of salt in their body; on the contrary, this will have the opposite effect.

2. When not worn, store the silver piece in an airtight space.
3. Avoid exposing your silver pieces to liquids composed of chemicals, such as the ones mentioned above under the "Tarnish causes" section.



If the prevention measures mentioned above are taken, the silver piece(s) will last years without getting tarnished.

If for any reason your silver product gets tarnished, use your SANDBOX "Silver Polish Kit" received with your purchase to restore your its shine!

For earlier clients who did not receive a polish kit, local customers may CONTACT US to arrange getting the product re-polished/repaired. For international customers, the product may be taken to the nearest silversmith/silver dealer and cleaned/re-polished there! We also offer an efficient home remedy that can easily be applied. If customers wish to re-shine their product(s) at home, they may contact us on to have the home-remedy steps sent to them!