Remembrance Interchangeable Ring/Necklace

LE 2,560.00

The Remembrance Interchangeable Ring/Pendant could be gifted to your mother to let her know just how special she is, or gifted to yourself to carry her presence with you at all times.

The front of the jewel has a turquoise stone which symbolizes protection, and holds a sun, a leaf and a heart. If your mother is no longer with us, this will allow you to always feel protected by her and to always carry her light, life and love in the form of a wearable jewel. If your mother still graces your life, this gift will show her that you’re her protection as she’s always been yours, and that she’s the light, life and love of your world!

On the back of the jewel, you could customize her name or a phrase she’d say, for you to wear and carry throughout life as she graces the heavens, or customize a special message for her to have and carry throughout her life as she graces our world.

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