Honey Drip Earrings

LE 55,625.00

Crafted from 18KT Gold, Black Diamonds and Yellow Zircon Stones, The Honey Drip Earrings incorporate Sandbox's staple Bee design, and come with four separate parts to be worn in different ways! Designed with interchangeability, they could be worn in three different symmetrical ways, or in an asymmetrical manner for an edgier look! 

As the most important creature on the planet, the Bee symbolizes importance. As timeless materials, 18KT Gold and Black Diamonds symbolize value. And as a stone that mimics the sun, the Yellow Zircon Stone resembles light. Created from a combination of all, the Honey Drip Earrings speak to the importance, value and overall power of the woman who wears them.

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