Juxtaposing RingJuxtaposing Ring
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Juxtaposing Ring

LE 548.20
Shoreline Earring SetShoreline Earring Set
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Shoreline Earring Set

LE 1,020.00 LE 1,855.00
Follicle NecklaceFollicle Necklace
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Follicle Necklace

LE 1,645.00 LE 2,995.00
Amina RingAmina Ring
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Amina Ring

LE 1,210.00 LE 2,200.00
Receptor Double-sided CuffReceptor Double-sided Cuff
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Receptor Double-sided Cuff

LE 2,580.00 LE 4,695.00
Scutes EarringsScutes Earrings
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Scutes Earrings

LE 1,700.00 LE 2,855.00
Vessels Statement EarringsVessels Statement Earrings
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Vessels Statement Earrings

LE 1,900.00 LE 3,415.00
The Creator's Box NecklaceThe Creator's Box Necklace
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The Creator's Box Necklace

LE 5,960.00 LE 10,835.00
Statement Stream NecklaceStatement Stream Necklace
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Statement Stream Necklace

LE 2,345.00 LE 4,260.00