Fledged Earrings

LE 2,015.00
Color: Black Onyx Stone
Holding an Arabic inscription that reads "In My Natural State", the Asymmetrical Fledged Earrings encourage women to embrace their natural and raw selves. The good, the bad and everything in between.
Designed to hold a little culture mixed with a little edge, these interchangeable earrings come in three different parts that could be worked and worn in multiple ways.
The stone work is signature to the SANDBOX label, reflecting our stone-crushing technique to evoke a raw feel. Crafted from sterling silver and natural stones, these earrings come in three different stones, each holding a different meaning. Choose between the Kyanite stone which reflects honestly and loyalty, the Onyx stone which reflects positivity and courage, or the Amethyst stone which reflects a sober mind and cautiousness.

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